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BPA offers the COMDANCE Classical Ballet Syllabus which is graded to suit all ages and skill levels. Classical ballet provides disciplined and develops skills that allows students to thrive in all aspects of dance. Examinations are encouraged and students undertaking exams must attend a minimum of two classes per week.

Jazz is a high energy class, with turns, kicks and jumps. Jazz develops excellent coordination and improves body awareness and flexibility. Students have a choice to take open non exam jazz classes or CSTD Modern Jazz Syllabus or both. Students who learn the CSTD work and are encouraged to sit examinations/mock exams each year.

Learn to express yourself through the movements of contemporary. Contemporary is a combination of jazz, ballet, hip hop, modern & expressive styles. With the Jason Winters Syllabus learn techniques from Australia’s leading contemporary syllabus.

Tap is an exciting and up beat class where children learn basic rhythms and tap steps. The Comdance syllabus is structured to develop skills carefully through carefully designed grades to help students get the most out of every class. Students are encouraged to sit their Comdance exams if they are ready.

Keep up with the latest styles in this high energy, fun and funky class. If you want to dance like the video clips then this is for you.

This breath taking ballet based style, teaches beautiful fluid movements. These modern flowing movements based on classical lines teach fluidity and grace when dancing. This emotional and expressive style is an amazing way to explore a different style of dance.


Performance Team

Students from 8yrs and up are offered the opportunity to perform as a member of our eisteddfod team. Competition Team is an extension program offered to those who excel and participate in a minimum of 4 classes (for 8-11 yrs) and a minimum of 6 classes (12yrs and up) must be participated in per week with 2 of these being ballet.

The Performance Team participates in various dance competitions/eisteddfods, community events and charity events.

Performance Team is an extension training program and requires full commitment through out the year.

Performance Team is for those students who demonstrate a high level of commitment, skills and dedication to their dance studies.

This program is developed for students who wish to live and breathe dance and build the important skills of performing.

Each performance builds confidence, performance skills, stage presence, team work and a determination to succeed.

We are here to encourage and come ALONG on your
performance journey to see you ultimately


Performance Team

BPA Dance Studios performance team is a group of young performers aspiring to be the best they can be and take their training to the next level.

Students that are dedicated to their studies and train numerous times a week are invited to be apart of Performance Team and represent our studio in the public eye.

The Performance Team participates in various competitions and public performances. This program is for students who wish to live and breathe dance, each performance helps to build confidence, performance skills, stage presence, team work and determination.

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